mysql multi threaded slaves (mts) slower than single threaded

I work @ where we rely on MySQL.
I’ve seen very little published about mts and nothing from outside a lab so I decided to test it out.
The results weren’t good.

Our main database group has 4 active schema, is running 5.6.12 and when a slave gets our of sync its takes a while to catch back up to the master.

One of the most interesting features for MySQL 5.6 is multi threaded slaves.

Without this feature the sync speed is limited to a single thread running on a single core.

Before I start let me clear up this point about mts which is that this feature will only help if you are running more than 1 schema per host as each thread can only process one schema at a time.

That being said I went and upgraded one of my slaves to 5.6.12, restored an xtrabackup to it.

Then I added the following lines to the my.cnf and ran start slave.

 slave_parallel_workers = 4
 master_info_repository = TABLE
 relay_log_info_repository = TABLE

Now I can just run show slave status\G and watch it catching up.

However once it was caught up I stopped replication on the mts host and single thread slave for 20 minutes.
Then I started the slaves and it turns out that the single threaded slave caught up faster.
to eliminate disk and RAID configs( they were the same as I could tell) this next time I only stopped the sql_thread for 20 minutes.
Same results, the slave running mts is actually slower.

Looks like there is reason when you search for this topic the only posts are from people using it in a lab is because although it appears to function it doesn’t delivery what ultimately need to which is faster replication syncs.

I’ll keep watching the mysql releases and hope this gets fixed soon.