automated MySQL query reports

Back in the day I had automated query reports for MySQL using a perl library.
This worked okay but it only reported on the slow queries and also I would have to install a bunch of icky perl stuff.

Percona’s pt-query-digest is a much better tool and when you combine it with tcpdump you get an analysis of all your queries not just the slow ones.

When writing this script I had to solve two problems.

1. run tcpdump for a specific amount of time

I was prepared to write a loop with a sleep statement and then figure out how to kill tcpdump but I didn’t need to.
Instead I just used timeout which was already installed on ubuntu.

2. How to email the resulting report as an attachment.

When sending emails I usually just use mail but I couldn’t figure out how send an attachment.
Instead I found mutt.

BTW for an extra challenge I decided to write this in bash, loops in bash are really ugly for the record.

The script:

# mutt won't send the mail from the command line without prompting you 
# for the bodies content. To work around I am using a empty file as the body.
touch /tmp/blank
for i in "${queries[@]}"
# To clean up the tcpdump you have to include the pipe to sed
        /usr/bin/timeout 180 /usr/sbin/tcpdump -s0 -A -i bond0 dst port 3306 | /usr/bin/strings | /bin/grep $i | /bin/sed 's/^.*$i/$i/' > /tmp/$i.log
        /usr/bin/pt-query-digest --type rawlog /tmp/$i.log > /tmp/$i.txt
        /usr/bin/mutt -s "$i report from $hn"  -a /tmp/$i.txt </tmp/blank

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