review: NFL Sunday ticket on PS3

I’m a huge Patriot’s fan but I live in California.

I have comcast in my home for cable and internet. I hear a lot of complaints about comcast but I’ve never had a poor experience and didn’t want to switch to direcTV just because of the Patriot’s.

Luckly with the Sunday Ticket being availble on PS3 ( a few days before the season began) I didn’t have to switch.

The good:

  • Installation and setup was really easy, just had to download the app, which was really small and add the money to my playstation wallet
  • Every game is available except for local games, there is also inline stats while the game is on.
  • Includes NFL red zone which will show all touch downs live for all games.
  • Includes the ability to pause, rewind, fast foward the game almost like a DVR. I say almost because you can’t record the game.
  • Image quality is pretty good, digital qualty at the miminum which would throttle up to HD after a few minutes.
  • I get to watch every Patriot’s game!!

The bad:

  • Cost, being a father of 2 kids with a mortgage it was a really tough decision to spend $340 to watch what amounts to 16 games. I decided not to get it until my wife reminded me that as a father I do very little for myself and to get it. I did.
  • lack of pregame and post game coverage. Didn’t think I would miss this but the broadcast only runs from kickoff to the end of the game, other than that its not avaliable. Would be nice to at least get a 15 minutes pre/post game.
  • Can’t record games. If I’m paying for the content it shouldn’t matter when I watch it, would be nice to have to ability to record.
  • Playstation network, given all the security breaches to the network I felt really uncomfortable putting in my credit card data.


The biggest problem is the cost however there is no way around it, even if you have direcTV the cost is the same. This is just a convienant work around to not having to switch your provider. If you really don’t want to miss games and can afford it, this is a pretty good solution which isn’t perfect but less expensive then going to a local sports bar at 10am on a Sunday morning.



2 thoughts on “review: NFL Sunday ticket on PS3

  1. Hey guys. Saw the post. If you’re looking for a good alternative to the Sunday Ticket, which is overpriced and misleading, take a look at the NFL RedZone, found on the Multi-Sport package from DISH network. It includes a bunch of additional sports channels, gives you constant action from ALL the games, and will save you a ton of money in the process!!

  2. David, One of my biggest concerns was the ability to record the games on the PS3. I understnad you to say that you can not. But you said I could rewind. So lets say for example the KC Chiefs kickoff at 12 CST and I don’t get home until 2 CST would I be able to rewind 2 hours and start from the beginning and watch it until lets say 4 CST when I catch up? Also, can I FF through commercials.Thanks, Scott

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