Global site load balancing(GSLB) coming to Amazon’s EC2 with Route 53

Route 53 is Amazon’s DNS product. ( still in beta)

I their latest offering they can host the DNS records for your domain but even more exciting is that in the future they will support GSLB.

This means that you can have instances in their 4 regions( Northern California, Virginia, Ireland & Singapore) and have amazon direct your users to the closest instance.

This will greatly increase the quality of user experience by reducing latency and increase redundancy.

They also plan on tighly integrating it when you launch an instance so you can launch it and give it the DNS name in one step.

Curretly this is a two step process where you launch the instance, wait until you get its amazon DNS and then create the CNAME on your DNS provider.

Also the only to currrently do GLSB is using a third party such as Akamai….which is really expensive BTW.

From the Route 53 Documentation:

“In the future, we plan to add additional integration features such as the ability to automatically tie your Amazon Elastic Load Balancer instances to a DNS name, and the ability to route your customers to the closest EC2 region.”

More on Route 53:


3 thoughts on “Global site load balancing(GSLB) coming to Amazon’s EC2 with Route 53

  1. Amazon route 53 is highly scalable and fast dns routing service. we have developed a specific GUI tool for this interface – DNS30

  2. DNS30 Professional Edition, User Interface to Amazon Route 53 services. We also have online interface for this application

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