For a good run leave your brain at home

Been training for the avenue of the giants mararhon and rediscovered a lesson I learned from a coach from SFRRC( Matt Patchell a few years ago.

Leave your brain at home.

He gave me this advice before I ran the Big Sur marathon, I told him my goal was to run a marathon and have the entire race be enjoyable. His advice was to not check my pace and actually enjoy the course and my fellow runners. He was right as my most difficult marathon turned out to be my most enjoyable.

Last weekend I ran 15, it was an okay run and I spent a lot of time working on my form and checking my pace. At the end I was glad I did it but my body felt beat on. This morning, I woke up at 5:00, drove to the city and just ran. I ran a big loop exclusivly on some of the most enjoyable places to run.

Presidio, See Cliff, Cliff House, the Park etc…..

Never once thought about my pace or the distance. Turned out my distance was farther than last weekend and my time faster.

Thank you coach Matt.